2009 Juvenile Detention State Compliance Report Released - Part 1 of Series

Volunteers of America has released the 2009 Juvenile Detention State Compliance Report. Sheridan Media's Mary Jo Johnson has more.

The report is the result of several months' worth of traveling thousands of miles around Wyoming to garner data from all of the state's counties on how they are detaining juveniles for crimes.

As one might imagine, it is a daunting and complicated task. Craig Fisgus with Volunteers of America in Sheridan, serves on the Juvenile Detention Compliance committee as a project director. He describes the effort.

In his role, Fisgus works with Lynch to act as advocates, determining whenever possible a method of non-secure alternatives other than detention.

Fisgus says that Wyoming is the only state in the nation that has chosen not to participate in the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Act of 2002. He explains.

Fisgus says they distribute the bulk of those funds in sub-grants to counties. The little bit the VOA gets they use to cover travel costs, but the majority goes to the sub-grants.

What makes their work challenging is delineating the levels of crime and fitting the right corrective option to the crime.

In part two of this series, we'll hear specifically about some of the findings.

To read the 2009 Juvenile Detention Compliance Report, click on the attachment below.

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