23 Receive Diplomas From Tongue River

Tongue River graduates during the entry march. (Photo by Pat Blair)

A class of 23 received diplomas Sunday night in ceremonies at Tongue River High School in Dayton. Tongue River Principal Mark Fritz was the keynote speaker in a talk that was laced with humor over the difficulties he experienced with the class of 2016, but also had a serious side.

He spoke of accomplishments in sports and academics, and said the Class of 2016 includes a West Point cadet.

Fritz also gave special recognition to several of the graduates in a series of Honor Chord presentations for their achievements, and Valedictorian LeeAnna Mitchell and Salutatorian Grace Carr spoke both together and in separate speeches during the ceremonies. Other activities included presentation of scholarships and a Class of 2016 slide show.

Tongue River Principal Mark Fritz. (Photo by Pat Blair)
Valedictorian LeeAnna Mitchell, left, and Salutatorian Grace Carr. (Photo by Pat Blair)
Decorated cap says it all. (Photo by Pat Blair)