4Kids Conducts Survey of Child Care Needs

An organization whose goal is to provide support for childcare providers is conducting a survey of businesses to determine what they, and parents, need.

Lynn Gordon, who's one of the organizers of 4Kids, talked about that in a recent interview with Sheridan Media.

Gordon said in order to meet the needs of businesses, parents have to have quality, affordable, available childcare.

She said more than 40 businesses, both large and small, are being contacted for the survey.

Gordon said there are currently 27 childcare facilities in Sheridan County, but seven of those only accept pre-school children.

She said 15 of those can take infants, and at least some of those have waiting lists. The current advice for prospective parents is to get on a waiting list if parents are trying to have a child, even before a woman knows whether she's is, in fact, pregnant.

Gordon said 16 of the 27 childcare facilities are childcare centers, five are family childcare centers and six are family childcare homes. Two of the facilities, she said, are in Ranchester.

Gordon said the goal is to have the survey completed within the next two to three months so that businesses, and the community, can become aware of what's needed to support our children.