4KIDS Positively Impacts Local Childcare Providers

In January of this year Sheridan counselor Lynn Gordon was asked by a childcare center for help in upgrading their services. She brought together early childhood experts in the community to help support the business and decided to construct a nonprofit organization called 4KIDS with a curriculum based on what she and other child care providers could teach that abides by state requirements. The group was funded and began in April. Currently, the Joe and Arlene Watt foundation, the Homer A. and Mildred S. Scott Foundation, and one other local foundation are supporting 4KIDS.

Lynn Gordon described 4KIDS’ intentions and mentality on Sheridan Media’s news talk program Public Pulse.

4KIDS focuses on four main aspects of childcare: effectively caring for children, helping the children’s parents, educating child care providers, and the economic development for future childcare businesses in the community. They also work to improve children’s social and emotional characteristics as well as their self-regulation and peer relations.

Lionel Legerski, Bright Future Daycare Center owner and 4KIDS representative, was also on Public Pulse and expressed her feelings towards the integration of 4KIDS into her center.

Legerski also expressed much enthusiasm towards the positive impact of 4KIDS on Bright Future.

The group is comprised of five members including 4KIDS board member Lynn Gordon who specializes in parenting and behavior management, Theo Powers of I Can Preschool, Shelly Szmyd of Sensational Kids, early childhood mentor Luanne Jones , and Val Burgess. 4KIDS is also working with the local childhood centers Fox’s Fun House and the Tongue River Child’s Place.

Gordon hopes this pilot project will continue and eventually be offered to all providers in Sheridan county with expansion and availability dependent on funding.