5th Annual Blue Ribbon Steak Cook-Off

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Bill Heide's winning style.

It was a sizzling Third Thursday Street Festival in downtown Sheridan where the 5th annual Blue Ribbon Steak Cook-Off was held.

Temperatures hovered near 90 even as the sun dipped beneath the horizon as five teams vied for the first place prize of $500.

Chad Franklin owns P.O. News and Flagstaff Cafe and sponsored the first place prize. He is also the chairman of the Third Thursdays. He says the cook-off is just another way to connect people with downtown Sheridan.

The contestants provided their own grills, some big, others small, but the winner, Bill Heide held to the basics. He had a little charcoal grill just big enough to cook one steak.

His key to a great tasting steak.

And what does an award-winning steak cooking champion do with 500 extra dollars.

The Third Thursday Street Festivals will end in September.