Alcohol and Tobacco Compliance Check Success Is On The Rise

Wyoming's Compliance Check program, which determines whether retail establishments are illegally selling alcohol or tobacco to youth, is seeing growing success according to the Wyoming Department of Health.

A compliance check involves the law enforcement practice of sending a minor into a retail establishment to try buying alcohol or tobacco. If the clerk complies with the law by asking the minor for identification or refusing to sell, the store is said to have successfully "passed" the compliance check. If the clerk provides the minor with alcohol or tobacco, the store "fails" the compliance check and law enforcement personnel may cite the clerk for illegal sale to a minor. State Health Director Dr. Brent Sherard tells us about the goal of the program.

Of the nearly 1000 alcohol compliance checks conducted by Wyoming law enforcement officers last year, 85 percent of liquor stores refused to sell alcohol to underage persons. This is a significant increase from a 79 percent compliance rate in 2008.