All Roads Reported Open Monday Afternoon

All roads in the northeast quarter of Wyoming, including Interstate 90, were reported open by late Monday morning and early Monday afternoon.

That's according to Ronda Holwell, public relations specialist for the Wyoming Department of Transportation.

Holwell said a lot of credit goes to the highway crews.

Holwell said the Christmas Day storm is probably the biggest one Wyoming's had this winter.

She said several secondary highways also were closed, including in the Sheridan, Buffalo and Gillette areas, as well as some highways in Weston and Crook counties. She said what made this storm such a big deal was that it happened on Christmas Day, when a lot of travelers were on the road. She added people still need to exercise caution when on the highways.

Holwell said she asked about the amount of snow that fell, and was told by a foreman that the amount of snow was difficult to gauge because of winds and snow drift. She said the best way to describe it is that this part of Wyoming got a significant amount of snowfall and some very, very large snow drifts.