Ambulance Needs Assessment Happening This Week

The consultant hired to perform the needs assessment for the county's ambulance services will be conducting interviews this week to gather information and opinions in the matter.

The assessment is being sponsored by the Johnson County Rural Health District, which has repeatedly stated the reason for the assessment is not due to current provider EMS Services doing a bad job, but to perform their due diligence to look at many different scenarios to provide the best service to county residents in the most cost-effective manner.

Rural Health Care District is looking at options that include the possibility of the district and the Johnson County Healthcare Center teaming to provide ambulance services in the county instead of current provider EMS Services.

JCHC CEO Sean McCallister said he and Dr. Mark Schuler, among others in the community, have been asked to interview with the consultant that will be gathering information for the assessment.

According to Marilyn Connolly with the Rural Healthcare District, the report from the consultant with their recommendations once they are completed, will be presented to the district, which she expects by the end of the year.