Another Jail Fight Prompts Discussion with Sheriff

Sheridan County (WY) Sheriff Dave Hofmeier

In Monday's Sheridan County Circuit Court proceedings, two current inmates at the Sheridan County Jail were brought before Magistrate Carol Doughty on Battery charges for a fight they got into at the jail. Sheridan Media's Mary Jo Johnson has more.

The incident, which occurred on February 10th, is the second jail fight to occur since the new year, at least where Battery charges are concerned. I've been covering the courts frequently for the past several weeks. Monday's cases prompted a visit to Sheridan County Sheriff Dave Hofmeier to discuss the environment at the Detention Center, which can now house up to 126 inmates.

Hofmeier acknowledges that fights in the jail do seem to have increased, and there are consequences.

Hofmeier mentioned the programs in the jail. For those inmates scheduled to be released, is there a transitional process?

And while there are numerous repeat offenders housed at the Detention Center, Hofmeier says there are those for whom the programs do help, and they never pay another visit as an inmate.