Answering the Question: So What is a Sheep Lead?

Tuesday was sheep day at the Johnson County Fair, and one of the more popular events is the Sheep Lead, which this year marked its 38th year in Buffalo.

The question of “What exactly is a Sheep Lead?” was asked of Felecie Dressler, who is one of the event organizers.

She said it is a contest where the competitor must have one garment made of at least 50% wool, either store-bought or home-made, and the sheep is decorated to match the theme of the competitor's outfit.

There are competitions in pre-schooler, intermediate, junior, senior, and adult categories.

Two judges are used, with one judging the garments for fit, style, and how it is modeled.
The second judges the overall picture and how the sheep is decorated and how well it matches the competitor's outfit.

Bonnie Ellenwood, who announces the sheep lead event and also helped bring the event to Johnson County, said she had seen a similar event at the state fair years ago, and thought it would go over well in a county that raised a lot of sheep.

She brought the idea back to the local Woolgrowers Ladies Auxiliary who then developed a committee that started the event for the Johnson County Fair 38 years ago.

We will have results from the Sheep Lead when they become available.