Antelope Butte Plans Workdays to Clear Ski Trails

Antelope Butte Executive Director Andrew Gast (Photo Ron Richter ©)

Officials with the Antelope Butte Recreation Area in the Bighorn Mountains have scheduled two volunteer workdays this month, this Saturday, and Saturday, September 24.

According to Antelope Butte Executive Director Andrew Gast, the purpose of the workdays, which are referred to as “Beaver Days”, is to remove the debris and dangerous trees from the ski trails, roads, and chairlift paths. He said volunteers are invited to participate on either day between 9 am and 3 pm at the recreation area.

Gast said volunteers are encouraged to bring pruners or chainsaws, and to also bring gloves and water. Projects will focus on the ski trails historically called “A” and “B”, as well as service areas around the mountain. Volunteers can participate for the entire day, or choose to come for the morning or afternoon, and can be of any age or ability, but should be fit enough to walk up and work on the ski trails.

Gast said if weather permits, they will add additional workdays in October. He said work is scheduled to begin this month on the first phase of repairs to the lodge, including and improved front entrance. More information on becoming an Antelope Butte volunteer can be found at