Arney Not Sure Whether Company is Registered

District Court Clerk Nickie Arney said Monday she isn't sure if Centurion Discovery or Christi Rolston are registered to do business in Wyoming.

The question was raised recently by a Sheridan County resident who said she doesn't believe either of them are, and it's an issue because Wyoming statute requires that “foreign corporations” must obtain a certificate of authority from the Secretary of State's office in order to transact business in the state.

Sheridan County commissioners have approved a contract with Rolston for the company to digitize the district court's probate and juvenile records so the files can be stored in archives in Cheyenne. Sheridan Media asked Arney whether the company has done other business in Wyoming.

Jordyn Gray, with the Secretary of State's office, said she could find no record of Centurion Discovery or Rolston being registered with her office. But, she said, even if they aren't, there's a 30-day grace period during which they can register even after a contract with Sheridan County is signed.

At their staff meeting Monday, commissioners affirmed their action and seemed in agreement that Arney should move ahead with the project.

A local businessman earlier maintained that the project never went through a formal bid process and no local vendors were contacted for bids. Arney responded that she checked the Internet and the directory for local vendors or someone in Wyoming to do the work.

She said the contract has been delivered to Rolston and is currently with Rolston's attorney. Cost of the project will be $257,000.