Arnica Fire in Yellowstone Park Grows to Several Thousand Acres Since Friday

Friday we reported that the Arnica Fire, which officials believe started September 13th but wasn't reported until September 22nd in Yellowstone, was burning about 250 acres. As of Sunday, the fire grew to 8,300 acres, and is burning two miles northwest of Bridge Bay, with small spot fires within one mile of Bridge Bay.

In a media release issued last night, for safety reasons, the road between the Junction at Fishing Bridge and West Thumb has been closed, and will most likely remain closed into today. The fire is currently burning up to the road, and crews will be working to remove hazardous burned snags on and along the side of the road as soon as it can be done safely.

Also, the Elephant Back and Natural Bridge Trails have been closed due to fire activity in those areas.

Smoky conditions affected air quality Sunday, and are likely to continue today. Individuals with weakened immune systems and those with heart and lung conditions could be most affected.

As of Sunday, 120 personnel have been assigned to the fire. Helicopters are being used to drop water in order to minimize further impacts to road and power line corridors. Firefighters have implemented structure protection in the Lake area using irrigation systems and fire engines.

We have a link posted on our website to keep you current on the status of firefighting efforts on this and other fires in Yellowstone.
or by calling the 24-hour road information line at (307) 344-2117 or the fire information line at (307) 344-2580