Art Exhibit Opens Today At Cowboy Carousel Center

A traveling art exhibit featuring photographs of Native American pow-wow dancers from all across North America will open tonight and run through the end of April at Buffalo's Cowboy Carousel Center.

Arnette Tiller, with the Carousel Center, tells us more about tonight's opening of “Faces From the Land-A Photographic Journey Through Native America.”

Tiller said the art exhibit is funded through a grant from the Johnson County Recreation District, which pays the artist for the use of the artwork, which means it is free and open to all to attend.
Although the Carousel Center doesn't make any money for their pet project to bring the Cowboy Carousel to a proposed new home on the site, she explains why it is still a benefit to have the art exhibit at the Carousel Center.

The exhibit will be open for "Happy Hour With The Art" on Friday evenings from 5-7pm and on Saturdays from 11am to 4pm during March and April.
Private viewing for groups can also be scheduled by appointment during off hours if needed.

Contact the Carousel Center for details at (307)620-1691 or (307)278-0242 to set up a group private viewing.

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