Assessor Says Valuation To Drop To $493 Million In 2016.

Johnson County Assessor Cindy Barlow

Johnson County's valuation could drop to $493 million in 2016, according to County Assessor Cindy Barlow, who gave a report of her latest estimates to the county commissioners at their meeting this week.

Barlow said the numbers for the third quarter of 2015 were in, and oil and gas sales were up slightly from the second to the third quarter, with oil up about 26% in sales and gas up about 32%.
If oil and gas sales continue through the fourth quarter at those levels, gas will be valued at about $204 million, and oil at about $65 million.
The best case scenario, then, for valuation for the county, she said, would be about $493 million.

Commissioner Jim Hicks said he thought the estimate might be optimistic, and the assessor agreed, saying a more conservative estimate might be anywhere from $450 million to $490 million.

The valuation for Johnson County in 2015 was roughly $880 million.