Attorneys Assure JCSD1 Board That Meetings Are Legal

During their recent December meeting, some Johnson County School Board board members voiced concerns that the cancellation of the December 5th meeting and the subsequent re-scheduling of the meeting to December 12th were not done in compliance with state statute dealing with the open meetings law.

New board member Margo Sabec brought the issue up during the meeting, saying she wanted it noted in the minutes that she objected to the meeting because she felt it was improperly called and without proper notice to the public, to remove any personal liability to herself in that the board may have violated state law.

Nicole Wonka also wanted her objection noted, saying that based on Sabec's comments she also felt the meeting may not have been “properly noticed.”

Former Board Chairperson Marcy Schueler commented at the meeting that based on conversations that were had with the attorney from the Wyoming School Board Association and the Johnson County attorney concerning the legality of the cancellation and re-scheduling of the meeting, that they both had the opinion the district had not violated the law in either circumstance.

In a later interview with Sheridan Media, Schueler explained the situation in more detail.

Schueler said the majority of the school board felt assured by the opinions of the two attorneys that they were within the law and chose to have the re-scheduled December 12th meeting.

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