Author to Present Whitney Books Wednesday

Whitney Benefits will present its recently released books that detail the history of its foundation and its founder this Wednesday night at 7 pm at Sheridan College's CTEL center. Sam Western, author of both books, will give the presentation.

The two books, Solace in Numbers – A Biography of Edward A Whitney, and The History of Whitney Benefits were released earlier this summer. Western gives us a preview of his presentation.

Western said that the presentation should last about 45 minutes long. The biography of Whitney tells the life story of the man who started Whitney Benefits, Edward A. Whitney. The history of Whitney Benefits chronicles the 22-year legal battle that won the foundation $63.5 million from the federal government, and other highlights that led to the foundation where it is now, lending $25 million to college students from Sheridan and Johnson Counties.

Both books can be found for purchase around town at Sheridan Stationary Books and Gallery and at the Sheridan County Museum. The presentation is free and open to the public.