Back to School: SHS, SJHS Regstration Starts Wednesday

Sheridan Junior High School and High School will hold their registration and orientation starting at 9 am Wednesday.

SHS Students should bring the registration form they received in the mail filled out with changes from last year to registration in order to move the process along quickly. Further information on what to bring can be found below.

Here's a schedule of registration and orientation times:
-Aug. 17: 8th grade orientation 9 am -3 pm
-Aug. 18: 7th grade orientation 9 am -3 pm
-Aug. 19: 6th grade orientation 9 am -3 pm
-Aug. 30: first day of school
-Sept. 1: back to school parent night 6:15 pm

-Aug. 17
Senior registration: 9 -11:30 am SHS, Commons Area
Junior registration: 1 pm -3:30 pm SHS, Commons Area
-Aug. 18
Sophomore registration: 9 -11:30 am SHS Commons Area
Freshman registration 1 -3:30 pm SHS Commons Area

9th Grade Orientation Wednesday August 24th 10 am -2 pm, SHS Gymnasium

Late Registration Mon-Fri, August 22-26 8 am -3:45 pm SHS Main Office.

What to bring to SHS registration:
-$10 for student planner, parking pass, and student ID for admission to home athletic events.
-Lunch Accounts may be opened
-Yearbooks can be ordered for $50