Barrasso Tells Rotary He’s Concerned About President’s Inaction

In talking with people from around the state, U.S. Senator John Barrasso of Wyoming said their concerns are real in terms of both national and economic security.

Currently, he said, about 70 percent of Americans think we’re heading in the wrong direction and what they want is a strong and healthy economy and a country that’s revered as the most powerful and respected around the world. He made the statement, recently, during his speech to the Rotary club in Sheridan. So much of opportunity, he said, the federal government has a role in, which can either create or crush that opportunity based on taxes, regulations and mandates.

He went on to talk about situations around the world which adversely affect Wyoming, and the country as a whole, and how concerned he is about the President’s inaction.

He said the impact of energy on all of this is that President Vladimir Putin of Russia has an economy based on a $100 barrel of oil. So, he said, it’s in Putin’s best interest to have Iran and Saudi Arabia fighting each other. Putin is even supporting the green movement in Europe, he said, because Putin doesn’t want them to find energy sources. Putin wants them to remain beholden to him, Barrasso said, so he can hike up prices to those areas in Europe that are dependent on Russia for energy.