Beautiful Day for a Parade

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One of the many unique scenes from the 2011 Sheridan WYO Rodeo Parade.

Thousands lined Historic Downtown Sheridan to once again take in the Sheridan WYO Rodeo Parade that had a little bit of everything this year. As far as what some of those in attendance thought of this year's parade?

True Color Salon of Sheridan was the overall Grand Prize winner of this year's parade. A full list of all of the various winners can be found at the end of this story on our website

Overall Grand Prize Winner: True Color Salon

1.Heartland Kubota, Where Friends Gather (31)
2.Carroll Realty Co, Dixie See Motorcycle Chick (32)
3.Nail Icing (91)

Community Organization:
1.Town of Dayton (76)
2.Town of Ranchester (36)
3.Sheridan County Liquor Dealers (86)

Heavy Harness:
1.Guardians of the Range (46)
2.Wells Fargo (41)
3.Lennox Iowa Stock & Saddle Club (64)

1.Two Horse Power Ranch (48)
2.Penny Farthing Bicycle ridden by Rich Urbatchka (33)
3.Mary DeTavernier (88)

Light Harness:
1.Ears Up Horse Training (47)
2.Barbula Upholstery Wagonette (43)
3.The Lodge at Diamond Corss (24)

Bands and Marching Bands:
1.Sheridan WYO Rodeo Community Parade Band (38)
2.American Legion 7th Calvary Drum & Bgle Corps (1)
3.Kalif Oriental Band (102)

Mounted Unit Group:
1.Equestri-Annettes (45)
2.Ride for Him Ministry (42)
3.Bucksin Horse Patrol (65a)

Tax Exempt:
1.Joey’s Flyfishing Foundation (69)
2.Raising Readers in Wyoming (75)
3.Renew of Wyoming (106)

Youth Organized:
1.John B Kendrick FFA (30)
2.American Heritage Girls (55)
3.Sheridan Recreation District Cheerleaders (92)

Mike Enzi (2) – and Grand Marshall of the Parade

Costumed and Mounted Individuals:
1.Father DeSmet (2)
2.US Forrest Service Fire Engine & Smoky Bear (61)

(X) indicates parade lineup number