Bicyclist Killed in Crash North of Sheridan

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The Wyoming Highway Patrol has confirmed that an unknown male bicyclist was killed Sunday morning 4 miles north of Sheridan. A media release issued by the Highway Patrol states that the unknown bicyclist was northbound on WYO 338 near the intersection of WYO 338 and WYO 339 when the cyclist moved from the emergency lane going into the northbound lane of travel in front of the northbound truck driven by 56-year-old David Miller of Billings, MT.

The release indicated that Miller drove into the southbound lane of travel and slowed down in an attempt to avoid hitting the cyclist, who drove into the southbound lane in front of the truck, whereupon the vehicle struck the cyclist with the right front of the truck.

The bicyclist did not have any identification and remains unidentified. Troopers believe he may be from the Sheridan area, as he did not have any belongings with him on the bicycle. Highway Patrol said that the victim appears to be in the range of 50 to 60 years of age.