Bids For JCHC Pharmacy Project Higher Than Estimates

JCHC Board of Trustees

Bids were opened on June 25th for the Johnson County Healthcare Center's pharmacy remodel project, and they were substantially higher than the architect's estimates.

The original estimate put forth by Plan One Architects for the project was roughly $385,000 with a 10% contingency built into the project.

When the two bids were opened last week, the low bid on the project was $466,000.

The healthcare center and Plan One Architects are now looking into options for the project, ranging from cost-saving changes to the project itself to possibly re-bidding the project at a later date.

The federal government has new regulations concerning the safe practice of handling hazardous drugs, such as chemotherapy drugs, to ensure patient and worker safety and environmental protection, which requires remodeling of existing pharmacies for the facilities that wish to continue handling these types of drugs.

The original deadline for finishing the remodel was December of 2019, but the
deadline has been pushed back to 2020 by the Federal government, but the state has so far taken no action on the deadline.

JCHC CEO Sean McCallister and Plan One will be contacting the state to see if they may move the deadline and see what options they may have, and bring the information back to the board at their July 17th meeting for a final decision.