Black Bear Hunting Season Over Throughout Bighorn Mountains

The black bear hunting seasons for most of the Bighorn Mountains are now closed. Hunters harvested the quota of female bears in areas 3 and 4 last Friday. Earlier last week hunt areas 1 and 2 filled their quotas. It was a good season for black bear hunters as all four areas closed within a week of opening the fall season. Seasons run from September 1st through October 31st unless the quota of female bears is reached.

Hunt areas 5 and 6 in the southern Bighorn Mountains remain open and the season there is scheduled to end on November 15th.

Whether bear hunting or not, it’s a good idea to be prepared for bear encounters when in the forests. A recent study showed that bear spray is much more effective than firearms as a deterrent to bear attacks. After reviewing more than 300 bear incidents involving firearms, more than 40 percent of those involved were injured or killed. In over 80 incidents where spray was used, 98 percent of those involved were completely uninjured in close range encounters.

If you’d like more information on bears click here for the Wyoming Game and Fish website. The Black Bear Mortality Hotline is (800) 264-1280.