BOH Discusses Issues Concerning Mental Health

Dr. Mark Schueler

During the recent Johnson County Board of Health meeting, Public Health Officer Dr. Mark Schueler discussed concerns about Northern Wyoming Mental Health and the problems with qualified mental health professionals leaving the office in Buffalo.

On a related note, Dr. Schueler said members of the Johnson County Healthcare Center administrative team were invited to join in a conversation with Sheridan Memorial Hospital to look into options for Title 25 patients.

According to Schueler, Title 25 patients are those that are hospitalized or institutionalized against their will for thoughts or actions of self-harm.

Sheridan Memorial is considering lobbying for a facility to hold and treat people there instead of relying on transfer arrangements to facilities in other cities.

He explains more about what type of facility they are considering.

Schueler said neither Buffalo or Sheridan have the facility or staff to handle these patients but are sometimes forced to do so because there is nowhere for them to go at that time.
It is difficult to keep the patients and staff safe in those situations, he said.