Buckshot Familiarization Clinic on Aug. 17

Buckshot Familiarization Clinic on Aug. 17 (Photo courtesy U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)

One of the changes in regulations developed by the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission earlier this year is that shotguns using double aught or larger buckshot will now be legal for the taking of big or trophy game animals. Next Saturday, Game and Fish will be hosting a buckshot familiarization clinic to educate hunters and get them comfortable with the changes.

The clinic will be held at the Sheridan County Gun Club at 89 Keystone Road on Saturday, August 17th. Hunters will need to bring their own 12 gauge shotgun with an open choke or choke tubes, as well as eye and ear protection. Game and Fish will provide ammunition and targets.

Groups of ten shooters must choose a one hour block between 8 a.m. and 1 p.m. They will be given an opportunity to learn about buckshot, try different brands of ammunition and fire their shotguns from different distances.

Hunters wishing to participate must call the Sheridan Regional Office before August 16th and reserve a time to participate in the clinic which is set for August 17th. For more information - or to reserve a time - call the department at 672-7418.