Buffalo City Councilman Russ Humphrey Passes Away

Russ Humphrey

Buffalo City Councilman Russ Humphrey passed away last week, after a short fight with a recently-diagnosed bout of cancer.
His funeral was Friday and was attended by many in the community, including members of the city council, police and other city employees, and many friends and acquaintances.

His passing leaves a seat open on the city council that will need to be filled
for the remaining two years of his term.

The city council has, in the past, handled the situation of finding a replacement many different ways, including appointing someone and going back to the last election and moving the candidate receiving the next highest amount of votes into the open council seat.
No precedent that has been set before, so the council has many options to fill the seat.

Buffalo Mayor Mike Johnson said the council will discuss the issue at their regular meeting Tuesday afternoon, and shared his thoughts on the process, and what decision the council may make.

Humphrey was in his third term as a councilman, and has served on the city council since 2006.

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