Buffalo Council Approves Mayor's Board Appointments

At their regular meeting Tuesday, the Buffalo City Council voted to approve Mayor Shane Schrader's appointment recommendations for various city and county boards.

Approved for the Buffalo Trails Board were Ryan Mader to a four-year term and Tim Cahhal to an unexpired term.

For the Housing Authority, Steve Reimann was approved for a five-year term.

Jeff Shelley and Kris Thiele (TEEL) were both approved for two-year terms on the Pool Board.

William Edwards was approved for a two-year term on the Tree Board.

On the Johnson County Solid Waste District, Tom Ostlund was approved for a three-year term.

George Korhel was given a two-year term on the Mountain Plains Heritage Park Joint Powers Board.

Keith Neustel was appointed to three-year term on the Planning & Zoning Board.