Buffalo Council Approves Water Request For Outside City

Buffalo's City Council discussed and approved a request for a water tap and water outside the city limits for the Good 2 Go/Exxon store east of Buffalo near the Interstate 90/Highway 16 interchange.

Mayor Mike Johnson read the e-mailed request from Marty Duffin, representative for Brad Hall and Good 2 Go Stores, and then explained the agreement that had been reached between the Good 2 Go Store and the city.

The project, as explained at an earlier council meeting, will not only benefit the Good 2 Go store, but lay infrastructure on lands that could very easily be developed for businesses to utilize in the future.
An 8-inch water line will be used to get water to the undeveloped lots, with Good 2 Go paying the cost of installing a 1-inch water line to their store. They will grant the city easements on their property to extend the 8-inch water line to undeveloped lands beyond their property.
Johnson County would contribute funding, with the city providing labor to install the water lines as well as donating a fire hydrant toward the project.
Jo Co First will pay for the engineering portion of the project.