Buffalo Council Hears Planner's Report

Buffalo's Planning Director Lynn Barrett updated the city council on the various undertakings she is assisting on, from updating the Comprehensive Plan to working with local committees on projects.

She reported no new applications were filed with the Planning and Zoning Commission during the last part of March.
The Vision Buffalo Commission, although currently working on the proposed dog park, are also beginning to look at the Lobban Street/Fetterman Street improvements. The commission has given their design ideas and concepts to the engineer who will now implement those into the preliminary design concept.

The Cowboy Carousel Center Feasibility Study bid opening was Friday, March 28th. The Wyoming Business Council had contributed money to re advertise the bid for the study in the Billings and Casper papers. They have received more interest in the project because of the advertising, and are expecting better proposals.

Barrett then told the council what the P&Z Commission will be busy doing for the foreseeable future.

Lynn Barrett, Buffalo Planning Director.