Buffalo Council Holds Meeting on ACT Franchise Agreement

A special meeting was called by the Mayor of the City of Buffalo and City Attorney Ben Kirven to have a second reading on Ordinance No. 1349, which will grant a franchise agreement to Advanced Communications Technology, Inc. to provide high-speed fiber-optic technology to the City of Buffalo.

The special meeting was held Tuesday night at City Hall to have a second reading on the Ordinance so there could be a third reading at next week's regular meeting, and avoid having ACT wait to begin construction on the lines. They are currently scheduled to begin on September 15, based on the original drafted agreement back in June of this year.

Since that time, Kirven was informed that an Ordinance establishing the franchise agreement was probably a good idea for the city to have. The council voted to pass the Ordinance on its second reading.

Mayor Randy Dyess explains why the special meeting was necessary and how the franchise agreement will benefit the city.