Buffalo Council Waives Building Fees For Nursing Home Project

At their last meeting, the Buffalo City Council approved a request by Sandy Ward of the Johnson County Healthcare Center to waive the building permit fees for their nursing home project.

Ward told the council the Hospital Board had plans to move forward with the project and officially approve the project at a special meeting April 1st, unless bids came in higher than expected on the project.

The Council approved waiving the building permit fees for the project.

Since then, the hospital has opened bids and they have , indeed come back nearly $900,000 higher than the engineer's and the architect's estimates.

The project is on hold for now pending some cost cutting and other creative measures to bring the project closer to estimates, which the engineering firm had at $9,174,000 and the architectural fim had at $9,366,000. The bids came in roughly $900,000 higher than these estimates.