Buffalo Dentist Also On Board With Water Fluoridation

Buffalo dentist Dr. Brian Cotant, who sits on the Johnson County Board of Health with Public Health Officer Dr. Brian Schueler, is also a proponent of adding fluoride to the city's drinking water, as he reported the the board during their recent quarterly meeting.

Dr. Cotant reported to the board that the annual dental screenings of children in local grade schools had been completed, and although overall there seems to be improvement in the dental health of kids, there seems to be the same kids being seen year after year with dental issues that have not been treated.

Dr. Cotant said he supported fluoride in the water, especially in the case of parents that aren't taking care of their kids' dental health. He said if nothing else, the fluoride will be in the water where the kids will be getting it, and he is all for fluoride in Buffalo's water because it works to improve kids' dental health.