Buffalo To Help With New Mural Grant Application

Buffalo's City Council has agreed to look into helping acquire grant funding to pay for a new mural on the side of the Clear Creek Cantina building downtown.

Chamber of Commerce CEO Angela Fox came before the council during their last meeting to explain what was being pursued.

The process has only begun and there are some tentative drawings that have been drawn by the artists who created the other two murals downtown, but there are no set plans for finding a local money match, if required by the grants, or any other details at this point, according to Fox.

Buffalo Mayor Mike Johnson thought there would be no problem with the city sponsoring the grant applications, but it would not be likely the city would actually be able to help with funding the mural.

Councilman Travis Lawrence volunteered to help with finding grants and with grant writing, saying he has some knowledge in the process.
It was suggested that Fox contact the Wyoming Business Council to find more information on possible funding for the project.

Fox thanked the council and added that the mural, if and when it is completed, would beautify downtown further, and tie-in with the city's current walking path and Lobban Street reconstruction project, even though it may be a two-year process to get completed.

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