Buffalo Mayor Proclaims 'Suicide Prevention Week'

Jerry Osborne

September 5th through the 11th has been proclaimed “Suicide Prevention Week” in Buffalo by Mayor Mike Johnson.

The mayor read and signed the proclamation at the city council's regular meeting this week, and shared some fact on suicide.

According to information in the proclamation, one person dies every 12 minutes by suicide in the US; 117 every day; and in 2014, 42,773 died by suicide in this country.
In 2015, 154 Wyoming residents died by suicide and two of those were Johnson County residents.
Suicide is the second leading cause of death in the US for those aged 15 to 24, and the tenth leading cause of death for all ages.
Each person's death by suicide intimately affects at least 6 other people, with over 250,000 newly-bereaved each year.

Mayor Johnson said in the proclamation that many of those who died by suicide never received effective behavioral health services for many different reasons, but the Johnson County Suicide Prevention Coalition are dedicated to preventing suicide through public awareness and education, reducing stigma and by serving as a resource to the community, especially those touched by suicide.

The mayor then urged the community to get involved in suicide prevention.

Mayor Johnson thanked Jerry Osborne, with the Suicide Prevention Coalition for their work in preventing suicides locally and around the state with the Prevention Management Organization of Wyoming.

Osborne in turn thanked the council for the proclamation and Councilman Bill Hawley for his work with the PMO, and said, “(suicide is not totally) preventable, but by people talking and doing something about it, it might save one person, or it might save two.”