Buffalo Passes First Read Of Transient Merchant Ordinance

Buffalo's City Council has passed an Ordinance on first reading, changing how transient merchants do business in the city limits.
They also have tabled the second reading and scheduled a public workshop to discuss details and gather ideas for how to make the Ordinance better fit its intended role.

The Ordinance was introduced during their last meeting, and it quickly became apparent that many, from the Chamber of Commerce Board, to organizers of various events and even concerned citizens were uncomfortable with much of the wording in the Ordinance.

The council, although aware there may be issues with some of the wording, explained that it was a necessary starting point for discussions and eventual changes to the document before it takes effect with the third reading and a vote by the council.

After discussions, it was decided that a public workshop needed to be scheduled to allow discussions and suggested changes from those attending. The meeting was scheduled for Monday, March 14th.

City Attorney Ben Kirven, in response to the many issues brought up with the document during the discussions, explained the intent of the Ordinance was to help, not create a problem for vendors visiting during events.

Kirven finished by saying the idea was to keep the requirements rigid for door-to-door vendors, which the city traditionally does have problems with.
He also was confident that the city and concerned citizens could compromise on an acceptable document within just a few weeks' time.

The council tabled the second reading until their April 5th meeting and the third reading until their April 19th meeting to accommodate the input from the public meeting and making he necessary changes to the Ordinance.