Buffalo's Lobban Avenue Construction Update

Brent Bennett

The City of Buffalo's Lobban Avenue reconstruction project update: Brent Bennett with Nelson Engineering said during the next couple of weeks the contractor will be working on Benteen from Main Street to the trailer park and a small section of Lobban south of Benteen as well as Fetterman from Main Street to Western Avenue.

Concrete work from Holland to Benteen has finished and the road is open to traffic.

Construction has begun on Benteen Street, with the contractor removing the street surface to begin installing water and storm drain lines.
The portion of Lobban from Powder River Heating and Air Conditioning south to the bridge is open to traffic.

On Fetterman Street west of Main, the contractor has finished placing a temporary coffer dam in the creek to divert water from the retaining wall along the south side of the creek.
Construction on the wall will continue for the next few weeks.
Fetterman from Main to Western Avenue will remain closed during construction, except Fetterman Street west of Western Avenue will remain open.