Business Council Approves Clear Creek School Grant

Buffalo's Planning Director, Lynn Barrett, during her report to the city council at their last meeting, confirmed the Wyoming Business Council had approved the grant application from the Kaycee/Buffalo/Johnson County Economic Development Joint Powers Board.

The $1 million grant application was submitted to address the heating, venting and air-conditioning (HVAC) system at the former Clear Creek Middle School, which is in the process of becoming a community building, housing the Boys and Girls Club and Sheridan College in Johnson County to begin with.

Barrett explained the grant application will now go before the State Lands and Investments Board (SLIB) for their approval, which is expected in April.

Barrett also updated the council on the Buffalo Ridge issue where the developer wants an easement to access three lots in the subdivision, which will require some changes to the existing plat.

She explains what the Planning and Zoning Commission wants done.

Barrett said the P&Z Commission still doesn't have a Plat Map with the easement on it, but the developer was expected to get them one in time for the next P&Z meeting at the end of March or at the next meeting in April.