Camp 2 Rotation

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April 30, 2016 – Camp 2 Rotation. We left to Camp 1 about 2:50 am working our way through the ice-fall arriving in Camp 1 at 7:30 am. Camp 1 is situated on the Khumbo glacier between Nuptse and the West Buttress of Everest.

The camp is at approximately 20,000 feet and is cold in the mornings but blazing hot in the afternoons. After arriving the day was spent laying in the tent resting and drinking water to acclimate. Dinner was a potato Au Gratin MRE … yum. Weather very windy. We’d have periods of calm then gusts that would almost lift the tent up.

The next morning, we climbing part of the way to Camp 2 to help acclimate. One of the last horizontal ladder crossings for the day climb, the ladder moved back and forth and side to side, it wobbled all over and my crampons kept sticking … gave me quite a scare. After crossing I told Mingma Sona I didn’t like that crossing and he replied he didn’t like it either. We returned for another windy night at Camp 1, dinner being a chicken pasta MRE …. yum.

In the morning we left to climb to Camp 2 (21,500 feet). When we reached the wobbly ladder, I crossed on hands and knees … still not fun but better. Camp 2 is in the western Cwm and built similar to Base Camp on rocks and ice and is upscale compared to the rustic facilities at Camp 1 because it has both a kitchen and dining tent. No MRE’s … yes! Everest looms above the camp as a massive black rock while the Lhotse face is steep and intimidating with Camp 3 just visible. The rest of the day was spent resting and drinking water to acclimate. The night was cold with 10 deg F inside the tent with a clear slightly breezy morning. We climbed to the bergschrund (where the rock and glacier part) then spent the remainder of the day acclimating.

After a second night we descended from Camp 2 to Base Camp in about four hours arriving about 9:00 am … the shower felt so good!!

I will be here for 3-4 days resting then will climb to Camp 2, by-passing Camp 1, will rest a day then climb to Camp 3 for a night without oxygen then descend to Camp 2 for a night returning to Base Camp. After 3-4 days of rest, we’ll be looking for a weather window to go for the summit.

The photos are of Everest taken half way between Camp 1 and Camp 2 and Sherpa resting with oxygen bottles visible with Everest overhead.