Candidates Massie and Hill On Reforming Wyoming Education

Cindy Hill and Mike Massie

The race for Wyoming Superintendent of Public Instruction is one of the more heated races this year. The two running candidates, Mike Massie and Cindy Hill both spoke at Monday's forum. Mrs. Hill was the first to speak:

Mr. Massie jumped right into the issues during his introduction. He says improving education in Wyoming requires more parental involvement, a comprehensive curriculum that includes “basic knowledge, like reading, writing, and math,” as well as “basic skills, like problem-solving and critical thinking.” In addition, he says:

While both candidates say they would get rid of PAWS, they varied quite a bit on other education issues, and they also differed on how they would get things done. Again, Mrs.Hill:

Mr. Massie, on the other hand, emphasized a more collaborative and local approach to education reform

You can hear more from Mr. Massie and Mrs. Hill by tuning into Public Pulse on October 28th.