Candidates State Position on Medicaid Expansion

Candidates for Wyoming's State House of Representatives, from left Hollis Hackman, Bo Biteman, Mark Kinner, Sandy Kingsley, Val Burgess and Mark Jennings. (Photo by Pat Blair)

Sheridan County's six candidates for Wyoming's House of Representatives came out three and three, along party lines, on a question of whether they'd support expansion of Medicaid in the state.

Republicans Bo Biteman, Mark Kinner and Mark Jennings said they would not support expansion, while Democrats Hollis Hackman, Sandy Kingsley and Val Burgess said they would. Comments came at Wednesday's candidate forum at Sheridan's Senior Center. Candidates talked about their key issues at the start of the forum. Hackman, running against Biteman in House District 51, said he was concerned about funding for education. Then, he said, there were a couple of other issues he's interested in.

Biteman described himself as a constitutional conservative and a strong supporter of gun rights.

Kinner is the current District 29 incumbent.

Kingsley, Kinner's opponent, said she's running because she's concerned about what's happening in Cheyenne.

Burgess, running against Jennings in District 30.

Then Jennings.

The Senior Center plans another forum for candidates later this month.

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House District 51 candidates, from left, Hollis Hackman and Bo Biteman. (Photo by Pat Blair)
House District 29 candidates, from left, Mark Kinner and Sandy Kingsley. (Photo by Pat Blair)
House District 30 candidates, from left, Val Burgess and Mark Jennings. (Photo by Pat Blair)