Chamber Lunch Program Features Legendary Free-Fall

Courtesy Photo From Red Bull Stratos Project

This month's Chamber luncheon program in Sheridan features a first-hand report of a now legendary free-fall descent.

News Director Leslie Stratmoen has the story.

The meteorologist who helped a parachutist be the first to break the sound barrier by free-falling a record 128,000 feet will be in Sheridan Wednesday to tell the story.

Don Day, who forecasts weather for 70 radio stations across the state, including the Sheridan Media group, will be telling the story of Felix Baumgartner's now legendary descent for which he provided the weather forecast. The presentation will be given during the Chamber luncheon at the Holiday Inn. The event runs from 11:30 to 1. Lunch is $15.

Day said he got the gig because he's a meteorologist who is also a hot-air balloon pilot, so has been weather forecasting balloon events for years, and has contracted with the U.S. Airforce.

Day said Baumgartner made the free-fall jump from a stratospheric balloon free-falling at supersonic speeds before parachuting to the ground. He said the jumper's accomplishment, which happened on Oct. 14, holds the potential to provide valuable medical and scientific research data for future pioneers, and took 30-40 people working on the project over a 7-year-period and another 300 on site the day of the event, in 2012.

The program will take place Wednesday, December 11th at the Holiday Inn beginning at 11:30am. It is open to the public, and is sponsored by Sheridan Media. Day was interviewed Monday on Public Pulse.

To hear the interview with Host Kim Love, click here.

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