Change to Hunter Management Area Northwest of Sheridan

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The Wyoming Game and Fish Department is notifying hunters of a change to the Soldier Creek Hunter Management Area northwest of Sheridan.

Hunter Management Areas are part of the Game and Fish’s Access Yes program. They are private tracts of land leased by Game and Fish to allow public hunting. Their use is regulated through permission slips that must be applied for online before hunting.

In years past, the Soldier Creek HMA also required hunters to call and notify the Wyoming National Guard in Sheridan 24 hours before accessing the area. However, for the remainder of the 2019 hunting season, hunters no longer need to call prior to hunting on the Soldier Creek HMA. A permission slip is still required and is available online at the G&F website.

In addition, Game and Fish reminds hunters and anglers that Access Yes Walk-In Areas have rules specific to each property and anyone planning to hunt or fish on these properties this fall should review the rules prior to going out.