CHAPS Breeding Auction Starts Jan. 1

Montage of photos of CHAPS clients. (Courtesy photo)

Sheridan's CHAPS will launch the New Year on Monday with the organization's third annual Breeding Auction.

Kristen Marcus, who's executive director of CHAPS, said she has 23 stallions lined up for the auction this year.

Marcus said she usually starts contacting stallion owners all over the country in July, asking them if they'd be willing to donate a breeding to their stallions. If the answer is yes, she said, the stallion owner sends her a breeding contract.

The auction will continue through Feb. 1, and the winner of the breeding sends the money to CHAPS and receives the breeding contract in exchange. Marcus said the auction is held on Facebook.

The auction is a a fundraiser to generate revenues for scholarships. Marcus said CHAPS is trying to set up different fundraisers to appeal to many different people.

She said the first year, CHAPS raised around $3,000 from the breeding auction, and last year, that amount was doubled to just a little over $6,000. This year, she said, the goal is to raise $8,000.

Revenues from the auction help make equine therapy affordable for CHAPS clients. She said clients who meet the qualifications for financial assistance can receive a full or partial scholarship. She said the funds are provided on a first come, first served basis.

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Ad for one of the stallions being auctioned. (Courtesy photo)
Another of the 23 horses in the auction. (Courtesy photo)