Childcare Necessary for Business

Childcare is necessary for businesses not only in Sheridan and Wyoming but across the nation.

That's according to Lynn Gordon.

She said that's because of the numbers of mothers who are in the workforce, and the number of families in which both parents are working.

Gordon is an organizer of 4Kids, a nonprofit organization formed in 2015 in Sheridan County to provide quality training for the county's childcare providers. 4Kids provides training in nutrition, safety and health of children and how to administer medication – all of which are required by the state of Wyoming in order for childcare facilities to be licensed.

In addition, Gordon said, there are another eight core-training classes that must be taken every year, including emergency management, sanitation, transportation and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome among others. Without the training provided locally by 4Kids, Gordon said, childcare providers have to go out of state or go online.

She said 4Kids has set up a program taught by local authorities, in which all of the required training occurs in Sheridan during the course of a day.

Gordon said although the training has been in Sheridan County for local providers, providers have come as far as Casper, Newcastle and elsewhere in the state, because 4Kids is the only service in the state that's currently offering the training.

Gordon said parents who leave their children in quality daycare facilities are better employees because they don't have to worry about the care their children are getting.