Christmas Waste Can Be Recycled in Buffalo

Buffalo/Johnson County Recycling Center

Now that Christmas has come, the gifts are all opened and the mounds of paper, plastic, cardboard and other waste has piled up, it is time to figure out what to do with all of the unwanted material.

Buffalo and Johnson County residents can recycle most everything right here in town, and keep all of that out of the trash and extending the life of the landfill.

Christmas trees will be recycled by the city, as usual.
They can be taken to Prosinski Park in Buffalo, stacked neatly in the parking lot where city crews will pick them up to be recycled. The city will offer this service over the next couple of weeks.

Christmas wrap, paper, plastics, styrofoam and other packing materials from Christmas treasures can be taken to the Buffalo/Johnson County Recycling Center located at 550 Butte Street, behind the Econolodge and west of Ace Hardware.

Christmas wrap will be accepted through January, just place it in bags before dropping off, or place it in the special slot set aside for the Holidays.
To learn what other materials the center takes and how to prepare it, click here: http://www.johnsoncountywyoming....

All of the recycling services are free.