City Approves Final Payment on West Pipeline Project

The Buffalo City Council, at their last meeting, approved a request from City Works Director Les Hook for final payment to Barnum Construction after they completed work on a campground west of town connected to the west pipeline project.

The original project had Barnum constructing a secondary water supply pipeline from the water treatment plant to a pressure-reduction box just west of town.

The Bighorn Mountains Campground was not pleased with the initial work on their property in exchange for the city's easement across their land and the city and Barnum have been working to resolve the problem with the landowner. The city has held the final payment to Barnum until the issue is resolved.

Hook told the council that Barnum has completed the work to the landowner's satisfaction and they would now wait to see if grass would re-grow in the area next spring.

The council agreed to make the final payment to Barnum Construction.

Hook reported that city crews have been busy removing snow and ice from city streets and will continue to do so.

Councilman Russ Humphrey had a question concerning Crazy Woman Square.

Hook also said the kiosk on the new walking bridge would be installed as his crews have time to do so.