City, Baseball Group Discuss Sports Fields Complex

The Buffalo Youth Baseball organization and the city council discussed and planned for a specific meeting with each other and members of the community to work out problems and concerns with the Sports Fields Complex and other issues at Prosinski Park to improve both for everyone to better use.

Bob Bergner and others representing the Buffalo Youth Baseball Organization attended the last city council meeting where he explained what the organization was trying to accomplish.

Bergner said the organization wanted to establish streamlined communication lines between one person representing the city and another representing the organization, to better facilitate getting necessary issues addressed.

The organization also said they have the manpower through volunteers to get work done, but have limited capital and no technical experts to get the needed work at the complex done. They are looking to the city and the community for that.

Concerns voiced by the baseball organization included grading and other improvements to the unfinished fields at the complex, getting necessary repairs and upgrades to Prosinski Park, getting help with the technical work that needs done and looking into funding for repairs and upgrades through the city, rec district or through other grants.

Mayor Mike Johnson told the organization's representatives that he would like to forget past problems and work toward building better communication and better facilities through a joint effort.

After discussions, the city and the baseball organization committed to work toward getting a meeting scheduled for all parties involved to discuss, plan and implement the changes needed for the improvements to the parks.