City of Buffalo Crews Racing to Get Street Work Completed

Buffalo City Works crews are in the process of completing chip-and-seal work on as many streets and roads as they can before the warmer weather changes to snowy winter conditions.

City Works employee Larry Joubert, sitting in for Director Les Hook, said crews have completed chip sealing Juniper Street and are now preparing Flagstaff for chip sealing, which they hope to do in the next couple of days, weather permitting.

Joubert said Sesame Street, Apache and others in that area are also in need of attention and are also scheduled to be worked on.

Mayor Mike Johnson discussed Carrington Avenue and the project at the municipal golf course.

According to WYDOT, warm weather helps in the curing process for chip sealing.
Crews spray liquid asphalt on the existing pavement and top the asphalt with gravel which prevents moisture from penetrating, slowing the formation of cracks and potholes.
The gravel chips provide a non-skid texture to the road surface.
Chip sealing extends the life of a pavement.