City Council Allows Variance Of Sign Ordinance

Business owner Mark Wilson brought an appeal of a decision made by the Planning Commission concerning a variance of the city's Sign Ordinance before the city council at this week's meeting.

Wilson is seeking a variance to the size of a sign he is proposing to put up on private land near the intersection of South Main Street and Highway 87, which is larger than allowed in the ordinance.

Wilson gave more details on the sign and why he felt the size was warranted.

During discussions between Wilson and the council, it was learned that the vote by the Planning Commission on the issue was split, with two wanting to approve the variance based on the location, it's setback from the road and the intersection, and the fact it would not obstruct sight lines for drivers in the area.
The other two on the commission did not want to allow the variance.

Councilmembers said that although they wouldn't normally want to allow a variance that was not recommended by the planning commission, in this case they felt comfortable doing so considering all of the circumstances.

The council approved the variance to the ordinance by a unanimous vote.