City Council Approves Future Of Parks

Over the past several months, the public has been asked to provide their input on what they would like to see in some of our city parks.

Thorne-Rider Park in north Sheridan is a very large park that encompasses 57 acres. That includes both developed and undeveloped areas. One of the main concerns for Thorne-Rider was that future projects use as much of the park as possible. Councilor John Heath says the plan will not please everyone.

In addition to the work on Thorne-Rider Park, a similar master plan has been developed for a possible South Park along the Little Goose Creek on the south end of Sheridan. This area is also very large at just over 40 acres. Due to flood plain concerns, there would be limited development possible in the park. Councilor Bob Webster says it makes perfect sense to keep the area close to its current state.

Both master plans were approved by the Council and the next phase will require more public input before individual projects in either park can be identified or implemented.

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